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Living with Conscious Presence, Purpose and Joy

For those who feel called, I offer guidance that focuses on the more spiritual aspects of our lives. That means coming to know one's real self as the inner observer, which is the place of our deepest consciousness or soul. 

After many years of engaging in self-discovery and healing, in 2006 I experienced a life-changing spiritual awakening and shift of consciousness. This brought a deep inner stillness of mind, along with an unprecedented sense of peace within. 

In the years that followed there was a great deal of transformation as I adjusted to that shift. While continuing to work with my own unconscious patterns, I have helped many people to observe their mind, find stillness and infuse their lives with more authenticity. 

I believe that our spiritual growth has mainly to do with outgrowing the misguided strategies that the false self pursues for happiness, and to discover our true self as the positive presence of love, sanity, consciousness and wisdom.


There are some spiritual approaches that regard all thought, feelings or desires as illusions. This is unfortunate. Our task is to harmonize thought, feeling and will (action) according to the soul's wisdom and higher values. As we grow spiritually, our whole psyche functions in more integrated and intuitive manner. 

There is therefore no mistake in having a human psyche and personality. To make our personality authentic and empowered, we just need to examine and dissolve our unconscious patterns and beliefs. 

Below are several of the themes that I help people with:


  • Knowing oneself as the inner, conscious observer rather than the social persona. We all need a social personality but it is not the fullness of who we are. 

  • Understanding our personality type and its strengths and weaknesses. For this we use the Myers-Briggs system and sometimes the Enneagram, which are both incredibly accurate models of personality type. 

  • Discovering the unconscious mind as a source of higher guidance regarding what Jungian author Robert Johnson called, "What we don't yet know about ourselves, but should know." The unconscious speaks not only through dreams but also daily intuitions, creative impulses and nagging feelings. We can learn how to listen.

  • Looking at how our relationships reflect our capacity for intimacy and quality relating versus defensiveness. What are our relationships showing us about the state of our soul?

  • Exploring the afterlife and spiritual dimension. I have studied Near-Death Experiences (NDEs) deeply and will recommend some materials to explore.

  • Exploring how we are creating a life of meaning each day. A meaningful life comes from learning to listen to the quiet voice within us, taking time for contemplation and creativity, and actualizing our unique genius in the world.

To explore guidance on these aspects of inner development we would begin with a phone conversation about what you are looking for. If you would like to discuss working together please send a message or call today.  

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