Individual Psychotherapy

So often problems in life are perceived to be an external crisis, when really they are about growing beyond our current level of consciousness. The individual at the center of the crisis actually is ripe for more awareness. The aim of life is to realize the whole range of one’s capacities.

- C.G. Jung

On the surface there are the daily feelings and struggles that brought you to seek therapy. Behind these feelings there is the larger story of your life - of who you have been and who you are becoming.


My role is not only to help you figure out what new actions you might take in your daily life but also to help you look at the bigger picture of your life and relationships.

In this process I am pay attention to all the deeper factors that shape a human life. These include your family relationships; any trauma you've experienced, your attachment style (secure, anxious, avoidant), your personality type, and the values and activities that you find most meaningful in your life.

If you wish to process and resolve traumatic experiences, I use EMDR sessions as part of the therapy process. This is a powerful aid for integrating the fragmented and painful aspects of your life that may be limiting your capacity to feel peace or happiness in the present moment.

In my view, it is natural that every therapist offers cognitive-behavioral techniques to reduce anxiety and improve habits. But therapy involves so much more than that. Therapy is a container for deeper transformation and self-knowledge. Therapy is especially helpful for improving our ability to have quality relationships, because the therapeutic relationship gives us weekly practice at being present, open and honest with another human being.


Therapy is a safe place to know yourself more deeply and to give voice to the very personal thoughts and feelings that you may not have shared with anyone. To have a place to share those hidden aspects of yourself is very powerful. Doing so releases energy and gives you a much fuller sense of who you are. Therapy allows you to accept and embrace all of your complexity.

In therapy, it is by exploring our present difficult feelings, as well as hopes and dreams, that we give our most authentic self a chance to make itself known. My role is to help you listen to your life, your truth and your inspirations more deeply.  

If you're ready to transform your life, I’m ready to hit the ground running with you. I have a skill for quickly getting to the heart of the matter. Something that surprises me is how often clients tell me that they tried therapy in the past but nothing really happened. They say, "Talking with you, we've already explored more in one hour than in all my past therapy sessions."


I am a strong ally for those who are in crisis, who need encouragement and who wish to find a deeper ground of strength and wisdom in their lives. My role is not to impose, but to help you explore what is most true, real and helpful for you - by helping you to hear your own inner guidance better. 

Nothing pleases me more than seeing my clients' lives improve, and I will be honored to help you too. Just send me a quick email or text and I will follow up to discuss details and scheduling.