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Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.
Carl Jung

Men's Counseling

I help men transform their lives for the better.

Becoming conscious of our patterns is a core value of happy and successful men. 

A Strong Ally for Men

If you're having a tough time lately, I offer you my support. I understand the key stages of life men go through, and I can help you navigate a crisis with courage and clarity. I have broad experience assessing complex issues and can help you understand, master and outgrow your current issues. 


In the first session, my aim will be to understand the full picture and help you get to the heart of the issue you're facing. Many men are surprised to find that I name the exact issues very directly, when no one else had been able to figure it out. 

Most men feel a lot more relief and hope after the first session or two. As our work continues, I will help you discover find greater self-awareness, psychological maturity and a more inspired and conscious approach to your life journey. 

I have helped many younger men who are having trouble launching into life, as well as older men want to fix their relationships, break their bad habits and feel happier. 

A Refreshingly Practical Approach

Many things I say in therapy will probably surprise you. You may be surprised to hear someone finally naming the exact problem you have, in a straightforward but also compassionate way. 


My approach does not waste time with vague, soft generalities that help no one. I will help you confront your issues by being direct with you -- while also offering you my full support. 

Whatever life issue you are facing, it is likely that I am familiar with it and can offer a depth of practical insight that you will not often encounter in the typical therapy session. I have a dynamic, action-oriented style that is also joined with deep clinical perspective.

In my experience, men don't want to just talk and have their feelings validated. They want to understand the problem and do something about it. They want honest, challenging feedback that helps them solve problems and improve their lives. This is exactly what I offer.

Yes, you will feel heard and understood. But you will also receive guidance for building new habits and skills that upgrade your life in many ways.

Getting Started

Most men start with weekly sessions. Between sessions you'll experience new insights and impulses for improving your life. During our work together you are always free to text or email your thoughts, and I will reply with feedback or suggestions.

I always guide the first session with a few basic questions. I'll ask about where you are in your life and the problem you’re facing. You'll feel heard, respected and understood.


I’ll give you my best, so you can live your best life and become the man you’re meant to be. To get started, touch base with me today. Just send a quick text or call me at (732) 221-1954.

I have successfully helped men with -

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Alcohol Abuse

  • Marital Problems

  • Career Issues

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Peter Pan Syndrome

  • Meaning and Spirituality

  • Money Issues

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