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Point Pleasant Beach, April 2021


Integrative, tailored approach

Effective psychotherapy is both practical and profoundly transformative. It reduces pain while also integrating the self. My practice is about fostering well-being and wisdom that you take with you for life.

As a Clinical Psychologist my expertise allows me to diagnose and treat most mental health problems. My integrative approach to counseling will help you see the underlying issues and make those key inner and outer changes that really improve your life.

Now for some jargon for those who like that stuff.

I practice classical, psychodynamic therapy. This means I have a strong focus on understanding your personality style and development; your family history; any traumas you may have experienced, and bringing consciousness to unconscious aspects. The focus of psychodynamic therapy is to enable personal wholeness, connection, and balance.

I also bring a strong focus on developing self-awareness, upgrading your paradigm and sense of possibility, and cultivating a personal sense of spirituality and fulfillment. 

Psychodynamic therapy

Attending to your deep self. Including your life history, family bonds, attachment style (anxious, avoidant, secure?), and basic sense of connection in life. ​If you have unresolved trauma, we can use EMDR sessions to process it, and I will advise a few healing practices for daily life.

Relationships Counseling

Relationships are where everything shows up. I can help you assess the main challenges and opportunities for improving your relationships. This includes finding the balance between empathy and boundaries. I also have a system for assessing if a romantic relationship can last.

Conscious Presence

We will look at how you can relate with your habitual thoughts, feelings and actions in a more mindful, empowered way. Cultivating mindfulness means being more present to your self and your life. And being present is where love and happiness begin.

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