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I help people heal, get unstuck, improve relationships 

and actualize their full potential. 


Welcome to an enriching experience of therapy.

There are times when you feel stuck, dissatisfied and overwhelmed. You may be facing a difficult relationship issue or major life transition. Or maybe you've been been feeling anxious or depressed for quite some time, stuck in some negative habits, and you know it's time to do something about it. 

If you've been struggling lately with your moods, relationship or habits, then I welcome you to reach out. Attending to your inner life will create positive changes in your outer life and relationships. I have helped many people profoundly improve their lives, and I'll be honored to help you too.


Let's have a quick phone conversation about how you're doing lately.


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Hi, I'm Dr. Michael Damian.

My work is about helping you take care of your inner life so that your outer life and relationships can flourish. Feeling heard, supported and guided through a tough time can be incredibly valuable.


I offer a powerful combination of deep listening and practical guidance. Sometimes we will explore the past, but the key is how it is affecting you now and what to do about it. 

My role is to meet my clients at their growing edge, the place between the old and the new. I listen for the pain that's never been heard and needs to be spoken. I also listen for the words and ideas that signal new energy and growth in you. 

I make the process practical and life-changing. You will receive plenty of guidance and feedback. 

As someone who sees transformation every day, I know your past doesn't equal your future. Call me and I'll guide you through the process of getting started. 

Dr. Michael Damian

Treating a Broad Range of Life and Relationship Issues
Our life's journey asks us to become more self-aware, loving, responsible and effective in various ways. My clients come to me with problems related to marriage, work, anxiety, depression, old traumas and major life transitions. I have broad experience helping people heal, grow and transform their lives. 


​At the beginning of our work together, my aim will be to help you solve the problem, feel better and get through a crisis with courage and integrity. As our work continues, I facilitate deeper self-awareness, psychological maturity and a broader, more spiritual approach to one's sense of self and meaning in Life. 

Is Therapy Just Telling My Story and Feeling My Feelings? 
Thankfully, no. We will do far more than that. There are two things I often hear from new clients: "My old therapist just let me talk and talk, but nothing changed" and "In my first session with you, we got more done than in all my previous therapy."

I believe that the most effective psychotherapy provides deep listening and empathic support, along with a here-and-now, action-oriented approach to living. Half of healing comes from feeling things through and upgrading our narrative and paradigm. The other half comes from doing things differently - now.


Becoming Who We Are Meant to Be

A problem is a doorway to a more authentic and empowered life. There is a gift in our challenges, if we can find the courage and grace to stick with it and invest in our growth. I'm honored to support my clients through difficult times, and it brings me great satisfaction to see them come out shining brighter, wiser and more empowered. 


If you're ready to change something about your life, I will be honored to help you too. Please reach out to discuss getting started. 

Start feeling better.

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What saves a person is to take a step. Then another step. It is always the same step, but you have to take it. 
- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

​I just love that quote, and it's so true. 
When we don't take action, things will often stay the same or get worse. Taking action can be hard at first but it's the most powerful way to break through the sense of being stuck. 


If you're ready to take a step, message me and let's talk about what's going on in your world.

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Client Comments

Dr. Damian is very compassionate and understanding. His insights are very profound and helpful in improving my inner life and moving forward. All this from a few short sessions. Highly recommend! Thank you Dr. Damian!