Men's Counseling

Self-Worth. Relationships. Career. Depression. Addictions. Lifestyle.

Dear Friend,

If you're having a tough time lately, I can help. I bring a masculine perspective to men's issues, and I have worked with men in their 20s on up to 60s. I understand the unique stages of life men go through, and I can help you navigate a crisis with more wisdom and inner strength. 

Above are some of the main issues that I am helping men with at present. Believe me, it's all connected. I will empathize with you and I will also be honest and challenge you where that is needed.

Whatever combination of issues you are facing, I can help you sort out what's getting in your way of being your best self and living your best life.

Getting Started

Most men start with weekly sessions. Between sessions you'll experience new insights and impulses for improving your life. You are always free to text or email your thoughts, and I will reply.

I always guide the first session with a few basic questions. To begin with I'll ask you to talk about where you are in your life and the problem you’re facing. You'll feel heard, respected and understood.


I’ll give you my best, so you can live your best life and become the man you’re meant to be. 


To get started, touch base with me today. Just send a quick text or call me at (650) 851-1952.