I help people solve problems, improve relationships 

and get their lives back on track.  

Don't let COVID-19 stop you from upgrading your life. Access weekly video or phone counseling for an affordable price.

I'm ready to help you transform your life.

Are you feeling depressed or anxious lately about something in your life? Is your relationship in trouble? Do you feel like things are getting worse and it's time to talk to someone who understand the whole picture?

Perhaps you're going through a major life transition and feeling a bit lost. 

This may be a time when talking to a professional counselor, empathic listener and practical problem-solver will bring major relief and new solutions. 


You - Authentic and Empowered

While offering plenty of feedback and guidance, I help my clients develop a new, empowering narrative for their lives. I don't just help people reduce symptoms - I help them transform their lives with self-awareness and a conscious approach to Love, Work, Money, Relationships and Meaning. 


With greater self-awareness my clients are equipped to navigate their lives in a far more positive way.

As someone who witnesses transformation every day, I know your past doesn't equal your future. I will be straight with you about what needs to happen if you want to feel better and transform your life. 

When you reach out for help, you’re investing in yourself and your future. I’ll make sure your investment pays off. 

If you’re ready to feel better and upgrade your life, please call (650) 851-1952 for a quick phone consultation. If it seems like we are a good fit, we'll set up weekly sessions and you'll most likely feel much better - soon. 

I look forward to being of service to you.

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