How I Help My Clients Live Their Best Lives

Losing our way.

There are times in life when we lose our way. It's a loss of clarity about what's happening and what we should do about it. We wonder,

How do I stop this pattern?

Do I have a serious psychological problem?

Am I the crazy one in this relationship?


This also creates a loss of connection to our authentic self, and to others. At these times talking to an experienced guide can help you put things in perspective.

The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are. 

Talking about what's real.

We need to talk. In order to understand ourselves and our experience of life, human beings need to talk to each other. We go wrong, sometimes terribly so, when we try to figure it all out on our own. There is a time for solitude, and there is a time to seek wise counsel.

The way forward starts with being as honest with yourself as you can, and then being honest with a counselor about what's going on.

The call to consciousness.

We all have an innate urge to reach a higher state of well-being and self-awareness. It's an natural call to evolve and grow as adults. 

Pain is the signal that we need to grow. The call comes in the form of emotional angst, depression, relationship problems and negative habits that cause pain. We are called to look at the areas of our psyche that are unresolved and cause us suffering.


I help my clients understand themselves, gain empowering new insights and relationship skills, and consciously shape the life they want to lead.

Restoring meaning and purpose.

When we lose touch with our sense of meaning and purpose, we tend to become anxious, angry or depressed. We live from an inauthentic self. And when a relationship loses its meaning, conflict takes over.


In the absence of inner fulfillment and a positive outward focus, the mind starts clinging to false comforts and negative habits. Addictions and distractions are attempts to fill the hole in our soul.


To find a higher meaning in life, we have to let go of strategies that don't work and get in touch with our authentic self. That means figuring out some new, constructive habits we can use to replace the negative ones.


In every session with my clients, I facilitate a deeper awareness of what is working and what no longer works.


I help each person create a more fulfilling vision for their life, along with the practical skills to make it happen.

The quest for meaning is the key to mental health and human flourishing.


About Dr. Michael Damian

My passion is helping people cut through the haze of daily stress and figure out what is holding them back in life. I believe positive change starts with speaking the truth about what’s going on for you. My role is to listen carefully, help you see hidden connections, and suggest some new attitudes and actions that will move the process forward. 

Coming from a family of medical professionals, I am familiar with the mind-body connection, grief and loss, and coping with health problems as we age. I am highly intuitive about how different physical, mental and family issues affect people, and what the next steps may be.

By nature I am strong ally for those in crisis. I am an advocate for your authentic self to emerge from trauma and dysfunctional relationships. I feel honored to sit with people who are in great pain and to impart my faith in your capacity to heal.


Above all, I'm here to support you in becoming who you truly are and living your best life. I welcome you as you are, right now. I know your past is not equal to your future.


Call me today and we'll discuss how I can help you. 


Michael is the wisest and most effective guide I have ever seen. I went to see him in part because of a long-term painful compulsion. He was the first person to really help me get to the root of it. Michael is a truly awakened and compassionate individual and I left every session feeling like I have new awareness and understanding. Through our work I have learned to create far less suffering for myself.