Convenient video and phone counseling.

I work with many clients by secure online video or telephone. A weekly call can make a big difference in your well-being.

Connecting more easily.

Your time is precious, and talking with me by phone or video is the perfect solution.  Having had hundreds of online and phone sessions, I can vouch that the research studies are correct: Online/phone coaching and therapy is just as effective.

Every day, I log on and speak with several clients in their own homes or offices. Some just call me on the phone. It's a professional connection that supports your well-being and saves you time.

What do you need?

The only thing you need is a quiet room, a good Wifi connection, and a phone or laptop.

For video sessions I use the free and secure Doxy platform for medical professionals. You just log in at the Video Room and that's it.

I offer early and late hours to accommodate most any schedule. Investing in your well-being will pay off for years to come.

Call me now to discuss getting started.